The Frau (German, eh!) and I walked down to the lake (Mead) the other day.  Even though our campground is situated on the nominal shore of the lake, it’s a quarter mile to the water.  That’s because the lake level is about 300 feet below maximum capacity due to a prolonged drought.  If you look carefully at the above photo, you’ll see a bathtub ring of white above the lake.  That’s where the water should be.

Anyway, there was a family walking ahead of us.  Mary, or rather The Frau (gotta use my German), said she heard German speech.  We caught up to them and she was right.  They were a young couple from Kiel, Germany with two little kids. So what does The Frau do?  She informs them right away that “My husband has been studying German at the University of Arizona!”  Talk about putting me on the spot!

I was hoping to exchange a few words with them in their native tongue but after that introduction, I felt like anything less than total fluency would paint me as a fool and a charlatan.  Linking me to the university put the bar pretty high and my German is a little more down to earth.  Without that high falootin introduction I could have just been some American guy who knew a little German.  But no, The Frau had to set me up to fail.  I stuck to English rather than make a fool of myself.

The weather is sunny and warm.  We’ve ridden the 34-mile River Mountain Trail twice.  We have just returned from our second ride and we’re recovering in the shade.

The desert here has jackrabbits as big as Rudy and they could probably take him if he ever caught up to one.  He doesn’t know that though and he takes off after them like a bullet.  He’s probably going 20 MPH by the time he gets to the end of his leash which gives my arm one hell of a jolt: