Not a cloud in the sky today – beautiful, right?  Wrong!  The wind is so strong it could rip your pants off and even though it’s 59 degrees outside it feels like 39.  At least we’re not in a tent and riding bicycles (something we know a thing or two about).  Then again, the wind is coming from the north so we’d make great mileage  if we were pedaling south.  

It’s a great day to appreciate our trailer’s shelter.  We have our big windows facing south to catch the ample sun’s warmth so after the heater took the edge off last night’s 34 degrees we have been able to get by on solar radiation alone.  Even so, when Mary baked a loaf of her award winning bread today, the added heat from the oven was welcome.

Trailer-bound because of the wind, I have foregone my usual bicycle adventure for the day.  I was also unsure if Rudy was up to his 5-mile run because of an accident last night.  I was awakened in the night by Mary’s loud accusation “Did you fart?!”  I was at that moment speechless, not only because my sleepy thoughts were so disorganized but because, having been asleep, I was unsure as to the truthful answer to her question/accusation.  For once, however,there could be no doubt that the dog, not I, was the perpetrator:  a steaming pile of fresh dog shit awaited us on the living room rug.  Rudy, apparently, got into something yesterday.