No, the above photo was not taken in Whitefish, Montana.  That’s Mary at the Olympic course in Canmore.  It’s just that I didn’t take any photos at Whitefish because it was rainy and foggy and kinda dreary weather.

Whitefish gets mentioned because we have passed through there several times before on bicycle adventures.  On those rides we noted that Whitefish is a skiing town and we promised ourselves that we would return some winter day to ski it.  That day came yesterday.

The ski activity at Whitefish is mostly at Big Mountain which is for downhill skiers.  The town has a modest cross country course at the golf course which suited us just fine.  The question of how we could improve our skating technique (which I addressed in the last post) was still gnawing at us so we broke down and paid for a private lesson.  Our instructor, Robin, was patient and knowledgable but after an hour of assessment she concluded that there is nothing much wrong with our technique – we’re just out of shape (our assessment.)

She did have a few minor suggestions and we worked on those for another hour after the lesson.  This morning we drove out of town to a Forest Service ski course called Round Meadow and practiced some more.  I captured each of us on short videos which you can watch at:


By the way, I’ve regained the weight I lost on the Great Divide ride this summer and a little more:


Well fed Lief

I also find that I am strangely immune to cold and have taken to skiing naked.