Mary on the streets of Banff

We crossed the Canadian Rockies today about the only way you can in an automobile – TransCanada Hwy 1.  What a difference a mountain range makes.   It’s about twenty degrees colder over here.  Tomorrow it is forecasted to get down to -4F (four degrees below zero.)  We stopped in Banff (above) to take a walk and damn near didn’t make it back to the car without losing several fingers to frostbite.  Oh, but these  mountains are spectacular – even more than the Cascades or the Rockies down south.  That new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, The Revenant, was partly filmed in these mountains and I can’t wait to see it.


One of several passes on the TransCanada Hwy

We arrived at our hotel in Canmore about two in the afternoon and decided it was too late (or too cold) to go skiing.  This will be the first day we have not skied.  We have a week’s dirty clothes that need laundering and Mary is taking care of that as I write.  A fine division of labor don’t you think? – Mary does the laundry while I write the blog.

We had a nice ski at Revelstoke – about an hour of skating and an hour of classic.  The nordic center there, like all the nordic centers so far, was a community-based affair.  We took a break in their comfortable warming hut and had a pleasant (for the most part) tete-a-tete with some of the locals.  One of the guys tried to lure me into a discussion of politics but I could tell his politics and mine would be a head-on collision so I deftly demurred.


I’ve taken to calling that town Rip-off-stoke because the hotels were all about 50% higher than elsewhere.  The hamburgers seemed rather expensive too: $7.99 for a Quarter Pounder at McDonalds.  One of the reviewers on-line called Revelstoke “the armpit of Canada” and he, too, wondered why prices are so high.  We stayed at the Days Inn and it cost $100 for a bare-bones room.  Our room here at Canmore is much nicer and includes a fireplace for $90.  But my favorite room so far on this trip was the Fairfield Inn at Vernon.  It was brand new and the desk in our room resembled the captain’s bridge on the Starship Enterprise:

Nick flies in to nearby Calgary tomorrow.  We’ll have two days to ski together.  Hope he brings some warm clothes ’cause I don’t have any to spare.