Passersby on the Wenatchee Heights Road have been treated to an incrementally maturing structure over the past three months. Day by day, bit by bit, the walls, windows, siding and roof have been added to make what, from the outside, appears to be a complete house. But those of us privy to what’s going on inside those walls know better. Rachel’s house at this point is merely a shell. It has no plumbing, no insulation, no drywall. Until recently, it had no electrical wiring either but that has now been remedied. Over the past week I have been drilling holes through studs and pulling wires through those holes.

I had a basic understanding of electricity going into this project (I have a B.S. in electronic engineering) but dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s for an electrical inspector is another matter completely. Fortunately, Rachel reached into her extensive bag of friends and pulled out an electrician that she once dated in high school – one Nick Robbins. Nick has instructed me in the finer points of doing things by the code and I hope to pass a “rough-in” inspection sometime in the coming week (fingers crossed.)

I took my own advice from my last blog-posted tirade against government meddling in the building process. Namely, I wrote influential state senator Linda Evans Parlette to ask her to sponsor a bill exempting owner/builders from government red tape. She professes to share my disgust with the intrusive nature of our Nanny State government but, truth be told, I think the fire has died in her belly. She believes opposition to Big Government is hopeless in this case.

Who was that guy many years ago who took on the establishment over car tab fees – Tim Eyeman? I think I’ll contact him next.