Cost cutting is the password here. If we can possibly do a job ourselves, we do it instead of hiring a professional. So far, this mantra has served us well. We haven’t hired anyone for anything. Contractors tell me roughly half the cost of a home is the cost of the labor. Using that yardstick, we’ve saved about $30,000 already.

The latest example of big savings is Rachel’s front door. The medieval look she likes runs around $1000 plus tax & shipping. Rachel’s door, which I built from scratch, has about $300 in materials so we’re looking at about $900 savings. Check it out:


Note the little grill at the top center of the door. On the outside it is a grill. On the inside it has a cute little iron door that is hinged, to be opened for password exchange.

Another huge savings is Rachel’s swimming pool. Professionally installed pools are $50,000 and up. Rachel’s was $8.99! Now that’s real savings!


We’re still waiting for the trusses to be delivered…………

The door was a stop-gap job while I’m waiting on the trusses. Now that the door is finished I decided to start doing the house wiring so I visited our friendly building inspector to check out a few things and guess what – THEY DON’T DO THE ELECTRICAL INSPECTION!! No, the $2500 we paid them doesn’t cover electrical. For that we have to pay another fee to Labor & Industries. Man, they get you going and coming.