CITATION: The Sons of Liberty do hereby recognize Citizen Carlsen for his defense of personal freedom against the ever-expanding and intrusive forces of government bureaucracy.

When cited by the building department for a step that was 1/4 inch above the maximum allowable 7 and 3/4 inches in the home he is building in Wenatchee Heights for his daughter, Carlsen said “I’ve had enough of this sh**” and chased the inspector from his daughter’s property.

When the inspector returned with reinforcement, Carlsen defended the construction site with his Porter Cable reciprocating saw (above.) Despite a valiant defense, Carlsen was eventually overwhelmed and hauled off in chains.

In a statement to the press, Carlsen said “We just want to be left alone. Why can’t a guy just build a house for his daughter without government interference? Why should we need their permission? This is a purely private matter.”

County officials responded by noting that building regulations are enacted to make homes safe and that is good for everyone. “We’re enforcing these regulations for Carlsen’s own good. He needs to be protected from himself.” (sic) (SICK!)

Carlsen says he is willing to take responsibility for his own safety and doubts that an 8-inch step is more dangerous than a 7 and 3/4-inch step.

County Inspector Payne N. Theass offered this rebuttal: “What if a 90-year-old woman was walking up the steps with a 100-lb sack of grain on her shoulders and a bat flew out of the wall and scared her and she tripped on the 8-inch step and fell to her death? Huh? Did Carlsen ever think of that?

(See what I’m dealing with?)