My Bobcat was indispensable to my business of setting stone when I was Rockman. It mostly serves as a snowplow since I retired and selling it has crossed my mind but it has re-earned a warm place in my heart on this job. Not only did it enable me to excavate the building site but it has proved useful for moving building materials and as a mobile scaffold and myriad other uses:


The current state of construction as of this afternoon is seen below:


We now have to nail the OSB sheets (plywood) to the frame and then we will be ready to receive the trusses for the roof. Let’s hope the trusses are ready to be delivered when we are ready for them.

Standing on the third floor where we will be sheathing the walls and looking back to earth is somewhat intimidating. I’m going to check out the cost of renting a mobile lift to assuage my acrophobic tendancies. Sorry Rachel – handling sheets of OSB from high above earth is one cost-saving measure we will have to do without.

Matthew and family came up for Memorial Day. It was a shakedown cruise for their recently acquired trailer. With the three trailers, Rachel’s land took on the look of a trailer park:


It was suitably warm for Memorial Day and a used piece of plastic sheeting from the construction site made a serviceable Slip-N-Slide which Rachel and the children put to use:


And finally there is this first public exposure of the up-and-coming athelete of the family: 7-year-old Rylan who is something of a soccer phenom in Leavenworth. In a recent game he scored two of his team’s three goals. Here we see him (#21) closing in for the kill against his hapless purple-shirted oponents.


In addition to his playing-field prowess, Rylan has become a sports junkie. He knows an astounding amount of sports trivia and is merciless when it comes to belittling his parents and grandparents with his superior knowledge.