A month ago today we pulled our fifth wheel into Rachel’s yard and set up camp. We started right to work that afternoon by tearing down an old shed that stood where her new house would be. It is hard to believe we have been working on this place for an entire month but calendars don’t lie. I thought we were making great progress. I even bragged about it in recent posts to this blog. But when I look at what we’ve completed it doesn’t seem like a month’s work.

I actually have an excuse for the paltry progress of the last week. We’ve been waiting for the delivery of the laminated beam that will hold up the main floor of the house. That and the floor joists. Our lumber supplier tells me those have to be special ordered. They are supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

For the last few days we have been “tuning up” the framing with little touches here and there – mostly just to feel like we are doing something. Today we completed the last small chore we could think of by 9:00 AM so I fell back into my old habit of stacking rocks. Rachel will actually need a few retaining walls and she has some naturally occurring basalt on her property so we mined the best rocks and I filled a few hours that way.

Mary and I spent several hours of the afternoon pedaling the seven miles up to the Mission Ridge Ski Area. After a one-mile drop from Rachel’s house, it’s all uphill. And then it is a glorious free-fall back down the hill. Except for a few of the sharpest curves, I rely on pure air resistance for braking (gotta save those brake pads!) Terminal velocity for this drop is 36.7 MPH. What takes two hours to climb takes only fifteen minutes to descend.