Mary Meets an Earp?

Inclement weather interrupted our hiking and bicycle riding spree today. We had heard that Tombstone, the Arizona town where Wyatt and some other Earps had a shootout at the OK Corral, is nothing but a tourist trap so we didn’t want to waste a good day there. This being a not-so-good day, we decided to waste it.

Judging by the ubiquitous costumed town employees, Tombstone on a good day must have quite a few tourists to pay for all the overhead. Today, a Monday with cold wind and threatening clouds, it looked more like a ghost town:


We did a quick stroll down the Main Street, ducked into a few souvenir shops, and skeedaddled. Mary wanted to buy me a $70 genuine Stetson Texas Ranger hat but I demurred. “Where would I wear it?” I protested (although, I must admit, I did look ruggedly handsome in it.) I would have shared a photo of my rugged handsomeness with y’all except a sign posted nearby read “These Hats Are For Buying, Not For Picture Taking!”

We had not expected much of our visit to Tombstone and we were not disappointed. We returned to our luxurious fifth wheel to comfortably read our growing collection of books on local history – not a bad way to spend a “not-so-good day.”