And I thought I wouldn’t have anything to write about today.

We pulled up stakes in Yuma and drove a few hundred miles to Organ Pipe National Monument today. The miracle is, we made it here.

The photo shows our adorable little fifth wheel trailer, but look closely – something is missing. A wheel to be specific. We drove into the campground here and were pleased to find our campsite from last year vacant. I began the procedure to put down the stabilizing jacks when, HOLY CRAP! – one of the trailer’s wheels was missing. “Hey Mary!” I called. “Come look at this.”

We had no idea anything had happened. My first thought was that the wheel had rolled off into the desert somewhere and I would never find it. But as I was standing there looking at where my wheel once had been attached to our trailer an old man came up and told us that our wheel was at the entrance to the campground. And what an amazing and fortunate thing that was. If the wheel had come off when we were tooling down the highway at 60 mph it would have flipped the back of the trailer into the air, destroyed the wheel, and probably torn the back of the trailer off. As it was, we didn’t even feel it. We have some cosmetic damage to the trailer skirt.


It appears the wheel bearing gave out, the wheel rolled along on the axle for a while, melting into it. Finally, the nut at the axle’s end worked its way loose and the wheel came off.

The axle is damaged so that will have to be replaced, the brake is shot, and of course the bearing. No mechanic is willing to come out here so we’ll have to tow our 3-wheeled trailer to tiny Ajo which is 15 miles. Almost certainly, the mechanic won’t have all the parts so rather than sit in Ajo over the weekend, we’re going to stay here where we can do some bicycle riding. Monday, we’ll cross our fingers and try to make it to Ajo on three wheels. Wish us luck.