It wasn’t that long ago that we were shivering in Chelan, dreaming of Arizona warmth. After ten days of 80+ highs (today is forecasted to reach 87) and unrelenting solar radiation, we find ourselves tanning beyond the legal limit and hiding in the shadow of our trailer – actually chasing the shadow as the sun chases us.

Looking at the bright side of our predicament, we haven’t had any problem charging our electrical system with our solar panels! We recently completed converting all our inefficient incandescent lights to super-efficient LED lights. That has made a big difference. In the old days (two years ago) we huddled around the dim glow of one or two incandescent lights after dark. If one wasn’t careful, the RV’s batteries would be dead by morning. It really wasn’t that different from the days of candlelight. With these LEDs, we turn them on indiscriminately. This trailer is lit like a Broadway stage now:

I suppose you have to be an RVer to appreciate the joys of a new RV technology. When a new technology like LEDs comes out, it spreads through the RV community like a contagion. A few years ago, solar panels were the exception. Now, it is the odd man who hasn’t so rigged his RV. Quiet, efficient Honda generators have also become ubiquitous. Satellite TV has infected most of our neighbors although we have yet to succumb. I suppose it is only a matter of time though. We keep reminding each other how much reading we get done without the constant TV, but……..