I was standing at the door of the little post office here at 9 AM sharp when they opened the door for business. Our Thudbuster seat post shock absorbers had arrived! I fairly ran back to our campsite and installed them on our bikes. Once my Thudbuster was installed I jumped on and pedaled across the rocky desert surface surrounding our campsite. Oh yeah! It felt so gooooood after the battered bruising of yesterday and the day before. Thudbuster, our butts thank you.

Not content with a short ride, Mary and I pedaled down the rocky road toward Ferguson Lake. We were anxious to get going before morning turned to afternoon. Day before yesterday I had pedaled to Ferguson Lake in the afternoon and came back burned to a crisp. The forecast today is for 85 degrees but the Arizona sun is intense and 85 feels like 95.

Mary and I started the ride to Ferguson Lake last year but it was too painful so we turned back. This time it was different. Our mountain bikes equipped with RockShocks and Thudbuster seats were like riding in a

“Pink Cadillac,
crushed velvet seats
oozing down the street
waving to the girls………”

And Ferguson Lake? We got to the hill that overlooks the lake, took one look at the drop and the distance and the lake that looks more like a swamp and decided we’d had enough of a test ride. The Thudbusters had done an excellent job of smoothing out the bumps in the road but they held little promise of pushing us back up that hill from the lake.