P1020990.JPGNot Exactly the Nude I Was Hoping to See

It was a gorgeous early autumn day – a perfect day to visit Munich’s famous Englischer Garten. We had heard titillating tales about the place and had to check it out for ourselves. It’s huge – hundreds of acres – and divides the west side of the city from the Isar River.

One of the first things we saw was this surprising scene of surfers on one channel of the river!

The surfers, male and female (but all incredibly coordinated) surf back and forth across a wave formed by an underwater obstruction. The good ones can keep it up for quite a long time and do fancy pirouettes to boot.

Next we moved on to the nudies. Hard as it is to believe, it is perfectly legal to sunbathe in the nude in this park. Of course, what I had in mind was a bevy of Playboy-worthy pulchritude. The only naked butts we actually saw were those of several old men. Darn! I can see one of those any time I want in a mirror.

What Lief had in Mind

Moving right along…… We came to a row of park benches near where a clarinetist and a guitarist were playing in the open air. They were a talented duo and the combination of clarinet and guitar sounded great. Although I couldn’t name any of their songs, the music was just right for an afternoon in the park. (You know they were good because I tipped them 2 Euros!) It was an afternoon well spent.

P1020991.JPGMusic in the Park

As we were leaving the park we were passed by the most unique cycle I’ve ever seen. Six guys seated in a circle and each with a set of pedals propelled it along:


My German studies are going well. Tomorrow is a big day. I get my first conversation partner. This ingenious arrangement is where a German studying English is paired with an American (or Englishman) studying German. I think this is where I will advance by leaps and bounds. Having to mold thoughts into spoken language is where traditional language programs are weakest. Luckily, English speakers are in big demand.

We have saved many of the big tourist draws for after Oktoberfest so as to avoid the crowds. If the weather is good this weekend, we’ll probably indulge in some outdoor activity. If not, we’ll probably take in one or two of the excellent museums in Munich (BMW World or Deutsches Museum.)