P1020965-3.JPGThe House at Autharistrasse 47

“Our house is a very, very, very nice house” – Crosby, Stills, & Nash – Our House

If I were a reader of this blog instead of the writer of this blog, I’d want to know the particulars of Lief & Mary’s life in Germany – you know, what’s it like to be a foreigner in Germany. So, here we go…….

Our initial Internet search for a rental in Munich was disappointing. As I wrote earlier, Munich is ground zero for Oktoberfest and that big party has been going on for two weeks now. For that reason we feel lucky that we were able to find a nice apartment for what passes as a reasonable price in Munich ($1500/mo). We occupy the third floor of a stand-alone house in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of Munich.

P1020966.JPGOur Kitchen

It’s nicely furnished and the appliances are up-to-date. About it’s only peculiarity is that the “bedroom” is a loft accessed by a glorified ladder. I suspect that’s why it was available and priced well below the average for apartments of this size. I especially like the antique desk at which I type my blog. There’s not a scratch on it and it is exquisitely made. I’m surprised the owner would leave such a piece of furniture in a rental.


The family that occupies the lower floors of the house seem friendly and, fortunately, English-speaking. We’ve needed help with things like how to turn on the radiators (the on-demand water heater in the kitchen not only heats the shower water, it heats the whole house through the radiators.)

Supermarkets aren’t quite up to American standards here yet but at least one doesn’t have to make stops at the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker as in the 60s. It seems we grocery shop almost every day but it’s worth it if only to buy from the tantalizing selection of fresh baked goods.

My take on the German populace is that it (they) are polite but not very outgoing. If you ask for help with directions and whatnot, they will gladly comply but no one is going to strike up a conversation of his own initiative.

The city functions smoothly – the streets are clean, the cars are new, and the buildings are in good repair. Nearly all Germans seem to do their part to make society function.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to bring our folding bikes since paved bicycle paths abound – both in the city and in rural areas.

I’m really floating several feet off the ground here. I feel like I’m making good progress at the language school – fulfilling a lifelong dream. Too bad our stay must end in a month. An extra month and I think I would really get good at this language. Meanwhile I’m burning the midnight oil to get as much out of it as I can.

Lest I forget: We stopped at the tourist mecca of Rothenburg on our way to Amsterdam. This is a centuries-old walled city that somehow retained its old buildings and is now capitalizing on them. Very cool. Even with the thousands of tourists our walk through the streets was captivating.


With Oktoberfest ending this weekend I hope to get a good deal on some lederhosen. They currently cost about $200 for a nice pair but I really like the knickers. The wardrobe I arrived with is scant and lederhosen are not only stylish (they really are!) they require no washing. I’m thinking a pair of leder underwear (matching bra and panties) would be a nice Christmas gift for Mary. What do you think?