I have to hurry. We’re in the Amsterdam airport again and their WiFi system only allows me 30 minutes. It’s slow as hell to boot so I probably can’t upload any photos.

A lot has happened in the last few days. We’ve been busy. I decided the language thing (learning German) just wasn’t working in Immenstadt. No language school was available and despite putting out several feelers, I was unable to get a conversation partner. That left me with a few random conversations per day with miscellaneous people – not enough to make any serious progress.

We decided to move to Munich where there are a lot of schools that specialize in intensive language classes. Immenstadt was great in every way except for the lack of school. The countryside was beautiful, the weather was great, our apartment was reasonable and comfortable and well-located. Our landlord was a great guy.

The problem we encountered and why we’ve been so busy is that we picked the absolute worst time to look for an apartment in Munich. This is Oktoberfest and rooms go for two or three times their normal price. We finally got one response which we drove to look at yesterday and, woohoo! it’s a very nice place.

The lease on our rental car is about up so we had to drive it back to Amsterdam. Hertz wouldn’t allow us to return it anywhere else. Hence, we are in Amsterdam today where we will catch an overnight train back to Munich. By Wednesday I should be in class cramming German.

Munich is a lively city so we hope Mary can find things to occupy herself while I’m in class til noon each day.

On Saturday we palled around with our German friends from Ulm, Wolfgang and Waltraud. Wolfgang had a mountain bike event and we all went on a hike to a truly spectacular gorge outside of Oberstdorf. If this crummy WiFi will allow me, I’ll try to include a photo or two or that outing.