P1020885-0.JPGAlpsee, Our Little Lake

Once the sun came out yesterday afternoon and the clouds that were obscuring the hills that surround us cleared away, a stunningly beautiful variety of meadows, forests and lakes emerged from the mist. Swear to God, it looks like a travel brochure in every direction here. We set off in a random direction this morning and found ourselves presented with one picture postcard vista after another.

Walking through the countryside, or “Wandern” as it is called, is a favorite pastime for vacationing Germans. The hills are crisscrossed by hundreds of well marked trails that lead to isolated cabins, usually high in the hills, where they serve refreshment, usually beer and baked goods.

After foolishly setting off this morning without food or drink in our packs we were pleasantly surprised to come across one of these “hutte” where we recharged our flagging energy with pieces of cherry cake:

P1020886.JPGMary at a Hutte

Every day we are more pleased by our digs here. Our studio apartment is in quiet surroundings and in the thick of tourist activity at the same time. It has a balcony overlooking a little harbor from which a two-masted sailboat regularly leaves with a load of tourists to sail around the Alpsee.


We went to the local flea market yesterday. I’m not usually much interested in flea markets but this one was rather interesting because some of the vendors had German and Soviet era military memorabilia. There were also several tables with old tools that you would never see in the U.S. like this collection of battle-ax looking implements:


The vendor said they were over 150 years old and I can believe it.

And then there is this photo of Mary at the flea market. How does that Stevie Wonder song go? “Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she beautiful?” And to think she’s my wife!