20140730-202059-73259507.jpgView From the Orchard

It’s been a great year for the apricots. My two mature trees have thousands of the beautiful little orange orbs. And then there are the cherries, and the nectarines that have to be eaten soon because they’re going bad. We are certainly fulfilling our recommended six servings of fruit and vegetables these days.

Nutritionists are quick to point out the anti-oxidants and vitamins and fiber in fruit but I don’t recall ever hearing them talk about the gas. You know, that gas. We may be improving our heart health but I doubt our lungs can stand much more of this air pollution.

All the smoke from the nearby forest fires has given us a red sun. This is the view up-lake from our deck. The Superman fans among you may remember that Superman came from a planet with a red sun. There was nothing super about him on his home planet. It was Earth’s yellow sun that made him strong. Presumeably, this red-sun/yellow-sun thing works in reverse because I did get a lot of work done today.

I was riding my bike to Wenatchee on a windy day last week when I noticed a jet ski in the middle of the Columbia River that appeared to be having trouble. It was so far out in the river that I couldn’t make out what exactly was up with it. I used the telephoto lens of my camera to take a couple of pictures and when I got home and looked at them on my computer, this is what I saw:

There were other boats around and I was in no position to help them anyway. I guess they got to shore OK because I didn’t hear anything about them on the news.

Finally, I was on a walk near our house and I came across this track in the trail. Probably the bear that has been getting in our garbage can. Whatta ya think? 300 lbs?  (That’s my size 11 shoe for scale.)