20140703-075015.jpgBIKE PATH BULLWINKLE
Matt invited us to his second annual Lake Roosevelt Getaway. He reserved the group site which was cool because we had a lakefront location and lots of grass expanse – so much expanse that we were able to get an ad hoc soccer game going. Several of Matt’s friends also showed up with their famillies. Mary and I really enjoyed watching all the little kids.

Somebody brought a bottle of soap solution and a bubble wand which the kids seemed fascinated by. Jimmy the Amazing Athletic Dog shared that bubble fascination. While capturing his acrobatic leaps on video I got a bonus: http://youtu.be/Jmm4aD1xUJM

The party lasted from Thursday through Sunday when the employed participants had to return to their jobs. Mary and I, no longer active participants in the labor market, headed east to Lake Couer d’ Alene where we rode the Trail of the Couer d’ Alenes bike path on our new Dahon folding bicycles about which Matthew commented “Now you guys look like you’re officially retired!” Translation: fuddy duddies. Thanks Matt.

This was a shakedown cruise for our upcoming European Vacation. These bikes will accompany us to Germany in September and give us the option of seeing the German countryside up close and personal.

The trail is 72 miles long, paved, and follows an abandoned railroad bed. Very cool ride. The grade was gentle (as railroad grades always are.) The scenery followed the Couer d’ Alene River with its lush vegetation and abundant wildlife (see moose photo above.)

20140703-081027.jpgONE OF MANY OSPREYS WE SAW
The bikes worked well but the 140 miles we covered in two days was a bit much for Mary’s butt. Sitting completely upright, as one must on these bikes, places undue burden on the hiney. We have added aerobars to our bikes since returning home in the hope that leaning forward onto them will relieve the pressure “down there.”