20140604-102230.jpgTAPPED OUT
We’re home.

Long day yesterday. Lotta riding and lotta caffeine.

We logged 88 miles when all was said and done. The morning sky told us everything we needed to know for the weather forecast. Billowing cauliflower clouds against a background of darker sky. Luck was with us through the morning but during the afternoon rain and even a brief period of hail peppered us. We pulled off the road and took shelter under a tree until the hailstorm passed (photo.)


Our Dr. Pepper-fueled legs were damned impressive as we attempted to outrun rain showers along the snowmelt engorged Pend Oreille River. The caffeine played out about ten miles out of Sandpoint, our starting point five days earlier and now our endpoint. Highway 95 leads to Sandpoint by crossing Lake Pend Oreille on a 2-mile causeway which we pedaled furiously across under a black sky as lightning flashed around us. It was a dramatic ending to our 88-mile ride and the thought of being vaporized by a lightning bolt did wonders for our flagging muscles.

We reached our car a few minutes before the deluge began. As we were pulling out of the parking lot a lightning bolt struck a block away with a tremendous boom. Smugly safe in our shielding car, we sped out of town. Fatigue overtook us on the ride home so we stopped for one more shot of caffeine from Starbucks in Spokane. By eleven o’clock, home and exhausted, we dropped into a deep sleep in our own wonderful bed.

We covered 350 miles in five days. For years we had wondered what the Selkirk Loop is all about. Now we know.