Just kidding. We didn’t even gamble this time. Not even the penny slots!

But the Las Vegas setting reminded of the hilarious early part of the movie Lost in America starring Albert Brooks and Julie Haggarty. A couple of successful yuppies, they sell their assets, buy a Winnebago and set off to see America. Their first stop is Las Vegas where Haggarty gambles away all their money and the only job Brooks can get is as a crossing guard where the kids taunt him. A must see.

On our final night at the Lake Mead campground we had a little unexpected excitement. A SWAT team evacuated part of the campground and surrounded a mobile home across the street. They staked the place out for several hours as darkness fell. Someone with a bullhorn endlessly repeated “We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up!” At long last several stun grenades were fired into the residence and then: silence.

This morning at the sewage dump site as we and a couple from Alberta “lightened our loads” and a potpourri of rich aromas swirled in the air about us (mine? or yours?) the wife confided to Mary that the SWAT team found no one in the mobile home after all.

We have relocated to Zion National Park in southern Utah. Somehow, in all our travels, we have never visited this place. The weather in Las Vegas was forecasted to get into the 90s so it should be pleasant up here at the 4000-ft elevation. Looks like it’s going to be an ideal time to be here with the sunny weather and smaller crowds. The campground is nearly full but we were able to get a campsite, reportedly a near impossibility in summer.

The drive up here from St George was spectacular. We can hardly wait to hit the trail and start hiking.

20140406-151926.jpgOUR ZION CAMPSITE