We’ve got two credits to spend tonight after getting home so late last night from shopping that we went straight to bed. These “credits” are 100% self-imposed and are automatically earned one per day. The process serves to keep us from OD-ing on marathon sessions of the AMC series, Breaking Bad, all six seasons of which we purchased on DVD.

The first-run broadcast of the series has ended and we somehow were never aware of it during its run but we’re fascinated by it now and can’t seem to get enough of it. Hence, our self-imposed limit of one episode per night. (We’re afraid of becoming a couple of junkies.)

For those unfamiliar with the series, it’s the story of a high school chemistry teacher who learns he has terminal cancer and decides to make some serious money for his wife and kids before he dies. He starts cooking methamphetamine and is drawn into the morally depraved world of drug dealing. Quite gripping – and quite affordable. The cost is only a little over a dollar per episode.

A majority of our fellow snowbirds have succumbed to the allure of mobile satellite TV system which, I admit, is tempting. So far we have resisted. We find that without TV we spend our time slightly more productively by reading, crosswording, etc. (Like I said, slightly.) By having a finite number of episodes on DVD we feel constrained to “control” ourselves.

We’ve been at Lake Mead near Las Vegas for a few days. They have a wonderful bike trail here of 35-mile length with lots of up and down which makes it great training for our upcoming Sierra/Cascade bike ride which we hope to start in May.

Had to buy a new battery charger for the RC airplane which compelled us to drive into the heart of Sin City yesterday. I took the plane out this morning and did about thirty touch-and-go’s down by the lake. There’s an abandoned parking lot there that’s perfect for take-offs and landings.

The weather has cooled down into the 70s and 80s so we think we’ll hang out here until it gets hot again. Southern Utah, our preferred destination, is pretty high and still cold.