20140309-140209.jpgTHE WRONG SHORTCUT
We were up in the air about when to head back to Yuma. We need to be there for the March 15 Air Show. Our campsite at Gunsight Wash near Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument was nice enough – beautiful, in fact, if all you want to do is lounge in the sun and read a book. I need a little something else, however. Still, I couldn’t really come up with a good reason to leave until this morning.

We woke up to a brisk wind from the east. That decided it. Yuma is to the west of Organ Pipe which meant we would have a tailwind most of the way to Yuma. When you’re towing a behemoth like our trailer, a tailwind is cash money.

A short northerly jaunt through the Barry M Goldwater Air Force Gunnery Range (see illustration above) got us to Interstate 8 and with the help of our tailwind we averaged 14 MPG versus our unassisted 11 MPG. Three MPG may not sound like much but that’s a 25% increase. Do the math: 111 miles @ 11 miles/gallon = 10 gallons @ $3.79/gallon = $37.90. 111 miles @ 14 miles/gallon @ $3.79 = $30.05: a savings of $7.85! That may not sound like much but it’s probably worth more than all the gold I’ve panned so far.

We have another reason to be in Yuma. One of our neighbors at Gunsight had a nifty radio-controlled plane that kept buzzing our campsight. We figured he had a camera in it and he was spying on us. (So did one of our other neighbors who quit her nude sunbathing because of it.) We didn’t know who the controller of the little plane was so I finally watched the plane until it landed and then rode over there on my bike.

I was a little disappointed to learn there was no video feed from his plane (although such set-ups are available.) The guy told me he’s a novice and the plane is really easy to fly and costs $300. Mary and I both got really excited and decided to buy one and become expert pilots. The hobby shop that sells them is in Yuma so that’s the other reason we’re here.