The nights in Quartzsite were getting down into the 30s and the days were struggling to make it into the 60s so we pulled up stakes and drove the 65 miles to Imperial Dam near Yuma. It’s 1000 feet lower and about 5 degrees warmer here.

Our beloved knoll at Lonely Hill where we camped last year was occupied when we arrived so we found a new spot near Coyote Ridge. Our new spot is far enough away from everyone to afford privacy. We’re parked atop a little hill with the top chopped off which affords a nice flat place just big enough to park. It reminds me of the fire bases in Vietnam where the American Army bulldozed off a hilltop and placed an artillery unit.

After setting up camp we walked over to Lonely Hill and paid our respects to our former neighbors, Larry & Leigh (of Mexican Maytag fame) and Radio Bob (shortwaver) who set us up with solar panels last year. We asked Bob if he had any panels to sell this year (he didn’t) because one of ours is missing! Yeah, I climbed up on the roof the other day just to see how they were doing and only three of the four were still there. Since I haven’t been on the 5th wheel’s roof since last summer, I don’t really know when or how it abandoned us. At first I thought it must have been blown off as we traveled. But closer inspection showed no damage to the roof, the rack on which the panel sat or the electrical wiring that connected it to the regulator. We now suspect thievery. The plethora of sunshine down here has more than sufficed to supply our needs so we haven’t really missed it. Nevertheless, we’ll keep our eyes open for a good deal on an 80 – 100-watt panel. After all, we hear there are places where the sun don’t shine.