No, just Nick, inspecting his floor joists.

We made some real progress today; we put up five sections of framed wall on what will be the second floor of Nick’s house. Sometimes it seems like we work all day and have almost nothing to show for it. Not today.

After a week of record breaking and unseasonable heat and then a week of record breaking rain, we have had a wonderful week of true autumn weather. Blue skies, golden leaves, and cool weather – my favorite season.

This house it to be three stories with a steep roof. Now that we’re working on the second floor and we look down and see how far we have to fall should we fall, Nick is thinking of maybe hiring professional roofers to do the really dangerous stuff high in the air. Here’s hoping their price is reasonable. I remember when we built our garage and height was an issue I called a roofer for an estimate just to attach the metal roofing (I’d already purchased the metal.) He wanted $5000! That was enough to overcome my fear of heights, or at least enough for me to tell Nick to climb out there and attach the metal.

20131024-190512.jpgMY VERSION OF HARD HAT

Many years ago when Mary was helping me put a beam on a garage I dropped it on her head. She survived with no apparent ill affects. But the accident impressed upon me the danger of falling objects at construction sites and the wisdom of wearing a hard hat. My bicycle helmet will have to do.