20131010-180935.jpgAT DAY’S END

Nick is still working us hard. I’m pretty much worn out at day’s end (see above.)

Today we were rained out, however. We tried to get some work done but after an hour, soaked to the bone, we had to call it quits (whew!)

Nick went back to Alexandria (his current house.) Mary and I retreated to our “Little House in the Big Woods.” Our trailer on the job site really is comfy with all the amenities of a real house. We even have TV!

Mary worked crosswords most of the day as the rain beat against the roof while I finished a book about a woman’s attempt to re-live her fanatical childhood preoccupation with the Little House books of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I, too, enjoyed that series. This book, The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure, was pretty good although someone who never read the Little House books wouldn’t know what she’s talking about. Mary found the book in the bargain bin at Walmart for $4.97 which made it all the more enjoyable.