20130926-183407.jpgANGKOR WAT ON THE OHIO RIVER?

Nick won’t be ready for us, or rather our trailer, until tomorrow at his piece of property near The Plains, VA so we’re currently in a holding pattern, circling, waiting for clearance to land.

“Fifth Wheel WA 80220X to Ground Control. Permission to park? Hello? Nick? Anybody?”

Yesterday we killed a day along the Ohio River near Marietta. I took a 10-mile hike into the hills and came across the above overgrown chimney in a ravine, miles from any road. There was nothing nearby to indicate the history of the place and there were no footprints indicating recent human visitors. The mossy stones made me think of the Cambodian temple at Angkor Wat, abandoned centuries ago and only recently rediscovered, overgrown by jungle plants. Further on I saw a tumble-down stone wall with a 3-ft diameter tree growing up through the rubble. 3-ft! That means several hundred years have passed since that wall was in use. 200 years ago the Ohio Valley was just being settled. That wall was probably built by Daniel Boone or one of his bros. How cool?

The most noteworthy experience of today was the West Virginia topography. Nothing but hills – literally. There is no flat ground in West Virginia. We drove US 50 because it took us directly toward The Plains and it is the major highway through central West Virginia. Major highway or not, the road was barely wide enough for us to pass an oncoming semi. There was no shoulder. Good thing we weren’t riding bicycles. West Virginia would be a nightmare for a bicycle – all hills and no shoulder.

Another thing about that road – in other states when they post a speed advisory for an upcoming corner, they give you at least a 10-mph leeway. For example, you can confidently take a 50-mph corner at 60 mph. Not so, West Virginia. Tires screech at the recommended speed! Ten mph over and you take the corner on two wheels.

There were lots of signs offering Pasties for sale as we neared the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan. We didn’t know the topless-dancer market was so numerous as to support a large industry!