20130919-152721.jpgOUR HOVEL

Alarms went off this morning that a major hailstorm was moving through the state. Golf ball size stones pelted points just south of us but we received nothing more fearsome than some large raindrops. I was especially worried about our four solar panels which are affixed to the roof of the trailer, fairly begging to be smashed by objects falling from the sky.

With that catastrophe narrowly avoided we settled in for an uneventful day in the confines of our home on wheels. And quite a comfortable little home it is. It’s really quite remarkable how much of a home you can tow behind your vehicle these days. I’ve been reading about Montana’s women homesteaders in their 10′ x 10′ shacks and feeling more than a little guilty about this life of luxury we lead. We watched the morning news on our flatscreen TV and then a DVD of Foyle’s War. I’m now sitting at my little desk typing this post for my blog – yes, quite remarkable.

I was reading earlier and Mary was mumbling something from time to time. I really wasn’t paying much attention when at last she shouted triumphantly “I’ve got it!”

“You’ve got what?” I asked.

“This knitting thing” she said, holding something small up for me to see.

Mary has wanted to knit for years and has bought a basket full of supplies and several books on the subject but she never seems to get far. She hasn’t actually produced one square inch of knitted material – until now. Hence, her triumphal shout. Not only had she produced one square inch of knit, she had produced TWO square inches.

20130919-155241.jpgPROUD MARY

Another catastrophe narrowly avoided: I took Vera out for her early morning walk. It must have been about 6:30 AM and no one else in the campground seemed to be up so I didn’t bother attaching her leash. Big mistake. Vera, that inveterate squirrel chaser and chipmunk eater, spotted a skunk and took off after it. We don’t have skunks around Chelan so she knows nothing of their singular defense. I shouted after her, in vain, as the skunk disappeared into the forest with Vera in close pursuit.

A skunked dog is a problem for a family with a back yard. A skunked dog is a catastrophe for two people traveling across country towing a trailer. I fully expected that Vera would be riding the rest of the way to Virginia in the open bed of our pickup. When she emerged from the forest I cautiously approached and…………….smelled nothing worse than wet dog. I don’t know what happened in the depths of that forest but I’m not complaining.