We took a ride around Leech Lake and came across this unfortunate fellow. Minnesota has many paved bicycle trails with about 100 miles of them near this lake. We’d like to ride them all but rain is forecasted so we’ll probably move on.


The good part is that the countryside is quite flat which makes for easy riding. The bad part is that most of this state seems to be covered by dense forest which kinda blocks whatever scenery might be on the other side of all those trees.

We rode about thirty miles today. Two of those miles were through dense swarms of no-see-ums – tiny flying insects that seem to stick to whatever surface they hit – like my exposed arms and legs which I watched grow ever darker as their little bodies accumulated there by the hundreds.

The bike path was nearly deserted. In fact, we had seen no other cyclists in the first ten miles when we came across a black object in the trail – a wallet! And what a wallet. It was stuffed with cash and credit cards. The owner would be easy to recognize: his driver’s license photo showed a fellow with a long grey beard. Name: Mark Anderson. I raced ahead to see if I could overtake him before he left the trail. I was sweating profusely when I found him and his wife several miles ahead.

“I have something for you” I said.

He looked perplexed. He had no idea that he’d lost his wallet.

Mary soon caught up. She wasn’t sweating. I was a little surprised that my sprint hadn’t put more distance between us. A short time later I learned the reason why – my rear brake had been engaged for the first half of our ride! The return trip was more the way things “should” be: Lief, effortlessly in the lead with Mary bringing up the rear.