We stopped at the Prairie Museum in Rugby, North Dakota. Their most famous favorite son was a guy who grew to a height of 8’7″. They’re very proud of him. This is a mannequin made to size. The real guy lived to be 51 and died in the 1950s (I think.) The museum also had a lot of displays of farm stuff like my favorite, this 1927, 1-ton, International truck:


Boy, has North Dakota changed since 2006! Williston was a sleepy little town last time we saw it. It is a rip-roaring boom town now that oil is oozing out of every hole punched in the ground. Heavy equipment everywhere, oil tanks and drilling rigs cover the hills, and trucks emblazoned with names like “Halliburton” and “Schlumberger” (pronounced “schlum bear zher”) are zooming hither and thither.

Even with all that wildcatting, I would say agriculture is still top dog. Wheat fields and corn fields stretch to all horizons from border to border. The John Deere dealer dwarfs the car dealerships in every town we’ve passed through.

A strong prairie south wind buffeted us all day so we ducked into the pleasant and blessedly sheltered Turtle River State Park this afternoon. Beautiful weather once we got out of the wind.

20130916-165258.jpgTURTLE RIVER STATE PARK