Let’s see……..where was I? We were just starting our northward migration through Nevada when I last posted an entry to this blog on April 8. We had planned to make a leisurely journey but on our way across central Nevada we encountered snow flurries and high winds (it’s amazing how high most of Nevada is) so we made a beeline for Chelan. We were a little anxious that a pack rat or some other forest creature might have set up shop in our living room during our absence but the house was completely undisturbed when we got there (whew!).

We’re thinking we will probably stay down south until May next year because, as usual, April weather in Chelan is capricious. The wind is howling through the pines as I write.

I was down in the garage working on a little carpentry project this afternoon when I looked out to see Vera on guard against trespassing turkeys (photo above.) There is a flock of wild turkeys that regularly crosses the hillside below our house and Vera has an ongoing feud with them. First thing in the morning she runs out the door and into the forest where she picks up the scent of their passing and locks on. For some reason these trespassing turkeys enrage her. She cuts loose with an enraged round of barking and then disappears into the depths of the forest, nose to the ground. She had better watch what she wishes for; I suspect any one of those wild turkeys is more than a match for her.