We are inching northward. Since my last post we have moved about fifty miles up the Colorado to Boulder Beach on Lake Mead. Las Vegas is just over the hill but it’s a different world down here by the lake. Giant Lake Mead and the vast stillness of the desert stretch to the horizon in all directions. A guy could actually ride a bicycle into Vegas from here if he had a mind to but there are smaller casinos nearby that are willing to take your money also.

Much closer than Vegas, at about five miles, is mighty Hoover Dam, 760 feet high and wedged between the Arizona and Nevada cliffs of Black Canyon. Pictures can’t do justice to colossi like this. I took the above photo from the deck of the newly opened Tillman Bridge which is an engineering marvel in its own right. We were able to ride our bicycles from the campground to the dam which was great because we skipped the traffic and parking hassles that cars have to deal with.

I was so impressed by the dam that I bought a book about its construction which I read clear through in a day and half. It was built in three years instead of the allotted five and came in way under budget. Profits from the construction launched the careers of several industrial and construction giants like Henry Kaiser, Bechtel Construction, and Morrison-Knudsen among others who pooled their expertise and resources on the dam – a great story.


Mary and I have ridden the 35-mile River Mountains Trail twice since we arrived. The photo above is of Mary riding it. The trail is nicely paved and circles the River Mountains. Great views of Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and Boulder City. We’re getting in shape for our next big adventure – riding “America’s Loneliest Road”, Highway 50, from Fallon to Ely, Nevada.