We’re back in 4G country (Boulder City, NV on Lake Mead) and back online. We had a pleasant four days at Cottonwood Cove on Lake Mohave but we pretty much exhausted the available activities there. I rode my bicycle to Searchlight (Senator Harry Ried’s hometown) one morning. The ride was only fourteen miles but it was a perfect 3% grade (uphill) the whole way which made for good exercise going up and a fast ride coming back. Honest to God, I never pedaled once the whole way home and never dropped below 20 mph. I had an exceptional amount of energy that day because I turned around and hiked six miles cross-country in the blazing desert heat to check out another cove. On top of that I lugged another twenty pounds of rock specimens home from the intervening landscape. Arizona “rocks” when it comes to rocks. It seems each place we camp the rocks only get better. Mary made me move my collection from the back corner of the trailer to the bed of the pickup because she was worried I was bending the frame (and I didn’t even argue with her.) She thinks I should winnow the collection to a favorite from each campsite but there are just too many great rocks for such a butchery as that.

The above photo is of Vera the Wonder Dog in mid-stride along the beach of Lake Mohave. Whenever we took her down to the shore she would race back and forth along the water’s edge, snapping at the breaking waves endlessly. No kidding, I think she would have done this for hours on end. The scooped-up water accumulated in her stomach until she had a full load and then she would stop and barf it out – then go for another pass and repeat the cycle, again and again. After about thirty minutes of run, run, barf, run, barf, run we got bored and pulled her away with us. I wonder about mental illness.

This is the cove I hiked to. It’s typical of many little coves along the shoreline of this desert lake. Reminds me of Baja California without the lawlessness and border crossing hassle.

We’ve got another spiffy campground (Boulder Beach) in a seemingly endless series of spiffy campgrounds along the Colorado. We’re going into Henderson this afternoon so Mary can do a resupply at Costco. I would say she seems only mildly interested in the gorgeous desert scenery hereabouts. Shopping at Costco is her true passion; that and cleaning the trailer and doing the laundry.