I scored valuable points with Mary the other day when I built her this compact clothesline from pvc pipe (cost: $2.23). She actually enjoys doing laundry (go figure?) so this is a big part of her week. To each her own.

Sometimes I think half of the fun of this trip has been figuring out a solution for all the little issues that come up. Going to the laundromat and sitting around waiting for clothes to dry was no fun. The next step was draping wet clothes from every projecting object on the trailer but that wasn’t very convenient and looked very hillbilly. Then Mary got a foldable clothes rack which blew over when the wind blew. I think we finally have the ultimate solution in the pvc rack.



We’re still at Lake Mohave. With our senior citizen discount it’s $5/day which is an excellent deal (like we really need working people to subsidize our travels.) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

We even have our own private cove complete with crystal-clear water (see photo.) Vera it seems is a real water dog. She loves to race through the shallows and bite at breaking waves. She’s also a natural retriever. The first time I threw a stick in the water she swam out, retrieved it to shore and dropped it at my feet – a natural!