20130317-133009.jpgOUR CAMPSITE

March 17, Lake Mohave, AZ. Warm and sunny here. We’re camped in a pleasant campground in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Our campsite is enclosed by an attractive ring of oleander bushes that protects us from the late afternoon sun, which can be brutal, and the wind, which is forecasted to reach 25 mph later today.

To give you some idea of how easygoing our lives are these days, our primary concern right now is the timing of our migration north. Our target date to arrive in Chelan is mid April – a date we hope puts us well past the end of winter in that northern clime. We would like to move into southern Utah to poke around near St. George but we don’t want to jump the gun as the elevations thereabout are generally high and that could spell c-o-l-d – precisely what we came south to avoid.

Vera was pacing around in the trailer last night which should have clued us in that something wasn’t quite right with her but we chose to ignore her until Mary’s keen nose detected something amiss. By then it was too late – Vera had crapped on the rug. By the way, what is it with dogs and carpets? Why can’t dogs crap on the linoleum?

We were a bit puzzled by her intestinal distress as she is not allowed to run free in the campground so we couldn’t understand where she had picked up the pathogen that loosened her bowels. Then Mary remembered that we had walked down to the lake yesterday evening with Vera and she had played in the shallows where a lot of ducks had soiled the water. Why can’t ducks crap in toilets?

Our solar panels are working splendidly. Our batteries are fully charged by 10 AM so the afternoon sun goes to waste. We need a way to hook to the grid and sell our excess power.

Speaking of power, Lake Mohave is the reservoir behind the Davis Dam on the Colorado River. Being an earthen dam it was relatively inexpensive to build and consequently was long ago paid for by the electricity it generates – enough for a million homes. Hydroelectric dams are things of beauty to the engineer in me. Putting to use all that energy from the falling river – what a wonderful idea.

20130317-133345.jpgDAVIS DAM

The flowers are blooming down here now which isn’t surprising since the temperature has been above 80 degrees for weeks. This is my favorite of the local varieties.