My earlier cost/benefit analysis of solar electric for our RV (in which I concluded cost outweighed benefit) was superseded a few days ago when our neighbor offered us some panels and a controller for about $1.75/watt. That’s about half what they cost new so we joined the renewable energy crowd and bought the panels.

We have really enjoyed our winter spent in the Southwest and expect to be returning in the coming winters. On top of that this is prime solar country and solar panels are a great match for RVs with their (RVs) small reserve of electricity. On top of that we got a good price so we figured that was a pretty strong case for spending some money.

Most boondockers (RVers who don’t stay at parks) down here have solar systems. The ideal place for the panels is on the roof of the RV but I don’t have the necessary tools here to be drilling holes in our roof so I’ll save that job for when we go home.

Mary got her warm weather in spades. It was 93 degrees today and it’s going to be warmer for the rest of the week.

We’re moving up to Lake Havasu or Lake Mead tomorrow to be near a body of water.

I climbed a nearby peak yesterday and took a photo of the RV-dotted desert where we have been staying. We’re one of those little white dots in the photo below. We’re that one……..no, to your left, now up a little…….YES! That one.