After retrieving my driver’s license from Mike’s place in Tucson we headed south, thinking south = warmth. Wrong. At least not when south is at 4200′ elevation which is what we’re at here just outside of the little town of Patagonia. 31 degrees this morning INSIDE the trailer. Lucky we have a down comforter on our bed. Our trailer is supposed to have the “winter package;” extra insulation. At this point, with our breath visible across the breakfast table, we’re skeptical.

There’s a nice mountain bike loop here that I want to do today but Mary in threatening mutiny if we don’t head for lower ground. I’m hoping to stave off the mutiny with a promise to move tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Looks like we’ll probably turn west and return to the lower elevation around the Colorado River. Yuma, perhaps – some place where shrinkage won’t be a concern at the nudist colonies. Seriously, there was a nudist colony near Quartzsite where we stayed last week. I was thinking an “exposé” of nudist life would make for an interesting blog post. I’m game but Mary’s threatening mutiny again. Mary and her mutinous ways!