20130224-182526.jpgSOON TO BE EATEN BY ALIENS!

Remember those aliens on the Simpsons that were always salivating at the thought of eating humans? Doesn’t this organ pipe cactus look like their lower extremities? Looking at this photo leaves me thankful those tentacles didn’t wrap around us and shove us into the creature’s mouth.

We went south almost to the border at the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument for a few days. If you like cactus you gotta visit Organ Pipe (or “Oregon Pipe” as Mary is wont to say.) The cactus are thick and varied there. The Ajo Mountain Loop ride, which we did on our bicycles is well worth the effort (21 miles worth.) Of course there are the cactus but also the cliffs which are on par with those of the Utah parks.


We’re camped in a nice little county park on the outskirts of Tucson tonight waiting for Mike and Ruby to return from some outing. They’ve got our forwarded mail, which we need because it contains my renewed driver’s license. My temporary expires today.

What’s next? No firm plans. We think we’ll sniff around Tucson for a few days and see what we can find. Mary already found a Costco and added about 500 lbs in groceries to our trailer. Good thing we emptied the holding tank at Organ Pipe!

Of course, I am not completely innocent regarding the matter of trailer weight. My rock collection has grown to alarming proportions. That reminds me – remember that Lucille Ball movie The Big Yellow Trailer (or something close to that) where Lucy collected rocks the size of bowling balls on their vacation and hid them in their trailer? I’m getting close to repeating that.