Looks like we may have left the warm depths of Death Valley too soon for the high elevation of Joshua Tree. It got down to 31 degrees in the trailer last night. We even had a little snow yesterday on our hike. But hey, the rocks are fascinating here – so voluptuous. They remind me of those African sculptures of big-hipped, large-breasted women.


I finished all the two-hat crossword puzzles. I successfully did a three-hat yesterday. Guess I’m pretty much a genius now.


We hiked out to the Desert Queen Mine a few days ago. There was a rusted-out Model T there which I though would make a cool picture of me sitting in it against the desert rocks so I set my camera to what I thought was the 10-second timer (first picture). As you can see, it was really the 2-second timer. The second picture is what I had in mind.