Over the years there have been many times I look out our living room window and get blown away by the awesome view. I’ve tried to capture some of these with my camera. Here are four shots for your viewing pleasure. Photographs really don’t do justice but they will have to do.

We are locked in the jaws of winter going on three weeks and it is quite stunning at times as the last photo attests. We really lucked out building up here. Where else could a poor man like me live in the middle of such splendor? I go to high-price areas like Lake Tahoe where the vistas are comparable but cost millions. I’m counting my blessings. Count on it.

20121201-080714.jpgSUN UP HERE, CLOUDS DOWN THERE

20121201-080757.jpgSUNSET OVER STORMY MTN

20121201-080906.jpgMANSON NIGHT SCENE