We got our snow. Close to two feet on the ground now. This photo is taken on our front deck.

I think it’s ironic that icicles are an indication of heat, i.e., if there wasn’t a heat source melting the snow (in this case escaped house heat coming through faulty roof insulation) you wouldn’t have the water to freeze into icicles.

The skiing up here is great. X-country skiing is such fine exercise. I can’t handle treadmills and stair-climbing machines. I get bored after about 60 seconds of that. But I can ski for hours and I hardly notice that my heart is pumping like crazy. We have a ski area two miles by snowmobile from our house. Click this link to see a little video of Mary skiing at Echo Ridge which is a Forest Service ski area that has so few visitors that we consider it OUR OWN PRIVATE SKI AREA.