20121124-193829.jpgFULL MOON OVER UNION VALLEY

Here are a few updates to recent posts:

Nov. 10 – Our House: I wrote “On chill autumn evenings I sometimes stand outside savoring the warm glow of the living room lights through the windows.” When I found myself engaged in that very activity last evening I snapped this picture of what I saw.

Nov. 15 – Scattered Drizzle: What little snow had fallen then has since melted. No new snow. Skiing for a living is still a ways off.

20121126-200151.jpgL to R: RACHEL (daughter), SONNY, LOGAN, RYLAN (grandchildren) AT THANKSGIVING

Nov. 18 – Screw & Glue Pride: The children’s furniture passed the Mary Test. As hoped, it was deemed “adorable.”

Nov 22 – Mary’s World: With the Thanksgiving feast consumed, our guests gone home, quiet descended on our house. Mary and I drifted to the living room where we settled comfortably into the cushions of our couch. I asked if it had been worth all the effort she had put into it.

“Oh yeah” she said – with such conviction that I believed her.

p.s. The dark shadow over Rylan’s head does not portend doom; it’s his daddy’s sleeve.