20121113-132320.jpgWHERE IS MY SHOTGUN!

Aren’t computers wonderful? Sometimes when I think of all the amazing things computers enable me to do I want to hug and kiss this little collection of aluminum, glass and silicon. To be able to access information on any subject, to find the best price on any item, to foist my unsolicited opinions on unsuspecting blog readers in distant places……..

And then there are those occasions when they seemingly go on strike and stubbornly refuse to do what only the day before they willingly did. You try everything you can think of to coax cooperation out of them but they do…..not…..listen!

You know those movie scenes where the guy goes in the back room and comes out with a shotgun and points it at the TV and blows it to smithereens? I can identify with that guy. Lucky for my computer I don’t have any shells for my shotgun.

Chelan Traveler hasn’t featured any posts for the last few days because my computer went on strike. When I tried to access my own blog it denied me access. Me! Lief Carlsen! It wouldn’t allow me to access my own blog!!! On top of that, the “Contact Us” option on the WordPress website only refers you to FAQs. There is no way to contact a living, breathing, thinking human being.

I finally figured out that I needed to change Settings to allow access to all cookies, which I did. That seems to have fixed the problem. Of course, who knows what new problems this will cause down the road. Why didn’t I get a message telling me to change the cookie setting instead of telling me that my sign-in info was wrong?

My earliest exposure to computers was in the 1980s when I was a teacher in Skykomish. Brian Miller, the math teacher there, was computer savvy and whenever I ran into a computer problem I just said “Hey Brian, what’s the problem here?” and he always knew what to do. Oh how many times I’ve wished Brian were just down the hall from me still.