20121105-063419.jpgJET LAGGARD

What we have here is a “perfect storm” situation where jet lag, daylight savings time, and early morning riser syndrome have all come together at the same time to produce two people wildly out-of-sync with their environment. The photo above is what Mary witnessed last night while we (she) watched the evening news. I slipped out of consciousness about halfway through the newscast.

Since returning from the east coast we have had considerable trouble with this. Add the factors up: three hours time difference between east coast and west coast, clocks set back one additional hour for daylight savings time, our normal bedtime is about 9:00 PM and you have two people struggling to stay awake for the 6 PM evening news. You also have two people rising around 4 AM, three hours before dawn.

No doubt this situation will correct itself sometime in the next month and we will join the ranks of the living, walking citizens of Washington state. The alternative?

Since returning to Chelan on Friday we have been getting our affairs in order. We retrieved our beloved but four-time-loser dog, Vera, who was staying at Matthew and Teneille’s house. Let me explain her loser appellation. You see, being the itinerants this blog implies, owning a dog has been a considerable encumbrance. We have tried to pawn Vera off on several people and they have all taken advantage of our no-questions-asked return policy.

20121105-070457.jpgVERA, THE FOUR-TIME LOSER

We adopted Vera from the animal shelter when she was about a year old. Someone had abandoned her (loss #1). Some ski acquaintances expressed interest in adopting her but gave her back a day later (loss #2). One of Mary’s friends kept her for a few days then returned her (#3), and finally Matt & Teneille had talked about adopting her but when we returned from our bike ride they gave her back (#4). As you can see from the above photo, Vera is a good-looking dog so she’s not being rejected for being ugly. We readily admit she’s a little on the “needy” side. She doesn’t like to be left alone but no one has cited that reason for returning her. It appears to be a case of people just not liking her. Shhh, don’t tell Vera this and since Vera can’t read I’m not worried about hurting her feelings by writing this. We’re still open to offers for adoption, however, so if you’re interested, get in touch.

Moving right along…… I finally got off my ass and winterized our fifth wheel. In an unusual step for me, I read the instructions in the manual for filling the water lines with antifreeze. When the expected pink liquid was not forthcoming from the faucets it took me about half an hour to figure out that the instructions were in error. You need to close off the drain line before you suck the antifreeze into the line, not after as the instructions said, otherwise you’re just sucking air into the line and not antifreeze.

Other tasks completed: brought in the firewood and stacked it on the back porch, well, at least most of it. About a cord needs to be split and I’m toying with the idea of not renting a splitter this year because of cost. I’m thinking of buying one of those $149 electric splitters I saw at Lowe’s although I have my doubts about their speed. Most drastic solution: splitting a whole cord the old-fashioned way with a maul and wedge. I can’t use the excuse of not having the time since I am officially retired. I could use the upper-body workout swinging a maul would provide. My legs may be top notch but my arms and shoulders are as scrawny as ever.

The forecast is for possible snow a few days from now – quite a change from Florida.