MONDAY EVENING: Picking up where I left off…… Hyekyung, Baby Anna, and Mary all went to the motel, mostly because Nick insisted. As I said earlier, Nick takes the threat of this hurricane quite seriously. It was touching to see how protective he is toward his wife and daughter.

Soon after Hyekyung et al left, two firemen dressed to fight a 5-alarm fire came to the door. Nick answered their knock. They advised him to evacuate. When Nick said he was staying they emphasized the flood danger. Nick held his ground.

“Are you alone, sir?” they asked.

“My father is here” he replied.

“Is he mobile?”

Nick chuckled. I think they were imagining that I might be a wheelchair-bound codger. I suppressed the urge to brag that I had just completed a 5000-mile cross-country bicycle ride.

The night’s irony arrived in the form of a phone call from Hyekyung. The power had gone out at her hotel! Now she, Mary, and Anna were paying $150 for the privilege of sitting in total darkness all night while Nick and I were at home with the lights and TV blazing.

The greatest threat of flooding was predicted for 9:00 PM at high tide. At 8:30 Nick and I donned our raincoats and walked down to the nearby river bank. The river channel was full to the brim, to be sure, but it was still confined. The hobo camp at the river’s edge was flooded but that was the extent of the “flooding.”

We walked back to his house in a hard rain. The street curbs of the neighborhood, which are normally bumper-to-bumper parked cars, were deserted except for several police cruisers with their flashing blue lights. We surmised they may have been placed there to deter looters and we avoided them lest we be suspected of being looters ourselves.

20121030-154427.jpgNICK CHECKS THE RIVER’S LEVEL

Satisfied that we weren’t in imminent danger, we went to bed. When morning came it became clear that the expected flood had never materialized. A look around the neighborhood showed that several large limbs and a lot of leaves had been ripped from trees by the wind but other than that there was little damage.

After all his preparation, Nick was a little disappointed his defenses had not been tested so he decided to do what nature had not and create his own version of a flood. We piled the sandbags around the outside of one of his plywood window covers and filled the well they created with water. As it turned out it is a good thing there was no flood because the silicone seal was somewhat less than perfect and there would have been leakage into his basement. Undeterred, Nicholas is going to find the source of the leak and stop it.

20121030-155700.jpgNICK CREATING HIS OWN FLOOD