20121027-193827.jpgNICK PREPARES FOR SANDY

We are in Alexandria, Virginia, just across the Potomac from Washington, D.C. Hurricane Sandy is forecast to dump a lot of rain here by Monday or Tuesday so my son, Nicholas, is sealing up his basement windows. This is only prudent since last year his basement was flooded by Tropical Storm Lee. Mary and I were recruited to fill sand bags but Nick came up with what he thinks will be a more effective strategy, i.e. plywood with a silicone seal against the concrete basement wall.

Yesterday we spent most of the day driving 730 miles from St. Augustine to Alexandria in a rented Nissan Sentra and sharing with each other how different our lives will be as we integrate back into normal life. No longer will our primary concerns be the difficulty of the terrain, the weather, the traffic, the availability of campgrounds and convenience stores. No longer will I stuff Pop Tarts and apple pies in my mouth in impunity.

Are we glad to have finished? Yes. Are we glad we did it? Yes. Mary has said she was ready to call it quits several weeks before we actually finished but I notice that she seems enormously proud as she recounts our recent exploits to anyone who will listen. I find her particularly endearing when she does this. For my part, I cherish the knowledge that we went through all those trials and thrills together – just the two of us. That’s the way I like it. I suppose everybody who marries has visions of what the ideal marriage would be like. This ride captured the vision I have had since way, way back.

We have tickets to fly back to Seattle on October 31. We’re hoping this hurricane won’t interfere with our flight. We’re actually kinda excited about witnessing the storm. We’ve never been in a hurricane before. Of course, we will be peering at the storm from the shelter of Nick’s brick house. Last night we watched that movie The Perfect Storm about those Gloucester fisherman who were lost at sea in a 1992 storm they are comparing to this one. Yes sir, solid ground under these feet!