20121023-182510.jpgFELLOW TRAVELER ON US 90
We came upon this fellow plodding east along the shoulder of US 90 today. At least somebody is slower than we are!

We have 182 miles to go. We’re debating whether to pour on the gas and try to make it in two days or take a more leisurely approach and saunter into St. Augustine three days from now. Even if we did the two-day version, we wouldn’t arrive until late Thursday which means we would have to hang around Friday to arrange to have our bicycle shipped back to Wenatchee and pick up our rental car. If we take it easy, we can still probably get the St. Augustine by noon Friday which should be early enough to take care of business and start driving to Virginia late Friday afternoon. The only urgency is we would like to get to Nick’s in time to spend Sunday with him before he has to go back to work.

20121023-184620.jpgWHAT KIND OF TREE IS THIS? We crossed the Suwannee River today. It was sluggish and coffee-brown (without cream and sugar) like all rivers down here.

A common specie of tree in these parts is the one against which I am leaning in the above photo. They always have that lichen draping from the branches and they are huge. The one in the photo is only a modest one. Many are twice that size. I don’t know what kind of tree they are (anyone?).

20121023-185403.jpgWe were thinking of trading our bike for a five-seater like this one until the salesman told us the range was limited to six feet.