20121020-193107.jpgI was checking my stats and my readership is going nowhere, people! Do you know you can refer my blog to friends, relatives, acquaintances, distant relatives, neighbors, work associates, and complete strangers? Let’s have a little team spirit and get those numbers up into the respectable category!

This business of checking on one’s blog reminds me of an episode of This American Life I once heard. The story was about a guy whose blog never took off. He kept it for about a year and his daily hits never went above fifty. He checked it constantly. He was obsessed with getting a readership. And then one day he realized that probably half of his fifty hits weren’t actual readers. The blog was counting his check-ins as hits and he was checking in about 25 times a day!

Now, we all know that I am less vain than that poor fellow and would never check my blog hits 25 times a day but many of you are on my Christmas gift list and THERE MAY BE CUTBACKS THIS YEAR if readership does not improve.