Greetings from Crestview, FL,

20121019-160248.jpgWould you buy minnows from this man?

Moving right along…… Gorgeous day: sunny, cool, tailwind. Quite a contrast from yesterday. The storm that was brewing over Mobile Bay yesterday morning followed us through the day as showers. Just enough to keep us moist for the most part although the water was flowing off our brows in rivulets on several occasion. The worst part was the wet sand that the spray from our tires coated us and the bicycle with. I’m afraid Mary got the worst of it sitting in the rear. Her legs could have passed for turrets on a sand castle.

After crossing the bay on a little ferry we rode about twenty miles on a narrow strip of sand that had high-rise condos facing the Gulf of Mexico. It reminded us of Cancun, Mexico. The place was deserted which was kinda eerie. All those glass towers and no one staying there. Off-season? Real estate crash?

We had planned to make it a short day of perhaps forty miles because we hadn’t stayed at a motel for a full week and we figured Pensacola would have a nice selection of motels. But Pensacola and its Alabama suburbs together make for a long town and the beachfront condos don’t accept guests. We wound up doing sixty miles and even though that is less than average for us, we were exhausted at the end. I think it was that we were mentally prepared for forty and as the goal line kept moving farther and farther ahead it was psychologically demoralizing. Our motel in Pensacola (Courtyard by Marriott) was very nice and after taking showers, laundering our clothes (which had begun to sour), and dinner at Wendy’s, we felt oh so better.

Despite yesterday’s rain, we’ve been lucky when it comes to weather. I think that was only the third day of rain we’ve had on the entire trip. The forecast looks good for the next week and that should get us to St. Augustine.

P.S. We’re moteling it again tonight and tomorrow night. Mary says we can afford it and she’s the bookeeper of the family. There are no campgrounds along our route so what’s a guy to do?