Greetings from Pensacola, FL, home of the Blue Angels,

20121018-161614.jpgWe were up and ready to go this morning well before dawn; we wanted to be sure and catch the 8:00 AM ferry across the mouth of Mobile Bay. Turns out, we were a little earlier than we needed to be. We had been mistakenly informed that Alabama is on Eastern Time when, in fact, it uses Central Time so we arrived at the ferry terminal at 6:45 AM Alabama time. We had to cool our impatient heels for over an hour but we did get to see a spectacular dawn (above.) A storm was brewing over the bay, complete with lightning and roiling dark clouds. The scene brought these lines from Kipling’s poem, The Road to Mandalay, to mind:

On the road to Mandalay, where the flyin’ fishes play
and the dawn comes up like thunder, outa’ China cross the bay

We are in Florida now, the last state on our itinerary. Which raises another paradox, namely, if we were so darn excited about making this trip, why are we looking forward to its end? I remember being so impatient to leave home and get on the road. I could hardly wait to see the sights and experience the challenges I knew we would face. So what the heck is going on?

I could convince myself that “enough is enough” and that I was only excited about doing a specified amount – the amount we are doing. But that’s not being completely honest. This cycle of getting all worked up about some upcoming event and then mentally moving on to “the next big thing” before the current one is over is a pattern I know well. Mary admits to it too. I’m not complaining. I suppose it indicates an overall optimism about life because I’m always thinking the future is better than the present. Better that than expecting calamity is just around the corner like some people do.